The number one way to improve your English vocabulary is by reading novels and history books. There are three easy ways to build your vocabulary: a) read each book and look up words as you go along using a regular dictionary; b) buy a reading pen which scans the words and instantly provides a definition; or c) buy an eReader which will provide instant on-screen definitions of each word. ——Monroe Mann
  提升英語詞彙的一種方式是閱讀小說和歷史書籍。這裡介紹三種方法可以幫助擴充你的詞彙量:a)讀每本書的同時使用常用詞典查看生詞:b)購買一支閱讀筆,它可以掃描單詞並且迅速提供釋意;或者c)購買電子閱讀器,它可以提供同步在屏幕上顯示每個生詞的定義。  (原標題:Improving Your English Vocabulary)

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